What is a Split-Phase Motor

https://askaconcierge.tv/41352-flomax-price.html respond A split-phase motor is a machine that is generally supplied from a single phase power circuit, used to operate washing machines, small pumps, small grinders and other low starting torque applications that are not exceeding or below 1/3 HP. The Four Main Parts of a Split-Phase Motor: The Rotor – Is a rotating part mainly … Read moreWhat is a Split-Phase Motor

Split-Phase Motor Troubleshooting Techniques

https://www.tarbatu.ee/40929-elocon-cream-uk.html license There are cases where a motor suddenly stops during a smooth operation or cannot even start properly. This only means something is wrong, we call it mostly as “trouble” or “fault” as electrical practitioners. Series of tests will surely be needed to accurately locate the trouble. We cannot avoid feeling pressured in cases like this … Read moreSplit-Phase Motor Troubleshooting Techniques